Burnt Men – Romeo Oriogun

Burnt Men was an audacious move to promote expression of Queer people in a space that was and still is toxic towards them in Africa. Knew of the bravest collections ever.

January Children – Safia Elhillo

There are few books that tread the threshold of identity with such precision and such vigor that an alien to the struggle can truly feel the effect of the tussle to have a definition. Safia is a goddess.

The Ikemefuna Tributaries – JK Anowe

A wonderfilled weaving wave of a collection that takes on the mystery of gods and the misery of men with a jab at horrific histories and the perilous present

Mounting The Moon ( an anthology of queer Nigerian poems)

A collection of poems from various queer Nigerian writers uniting in the singular move to promote expression of the fluidity of sexuality without prejudice

A woman’s body is a country – Dami Ajayi

Dami interrogates affection to the limit opening up the issue of relationship and lust

Salam Wosu binges on deep poetry that is inspired by topics that hurt to speak of – heartbreak, mourning, hatred and fear.

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