Graham Foust

To Anacreon in Heaven and Other Poems was such a game changer for me. The things Foust does with syntax, musicality, his metaphors–each new release is like slipping back into a comfortable yet exciting state of mind. Brilliant stuff!

Julian Smuggles

Julian’s performances make me cry. They are always original and emotional without being manipulative, corny, or saccharine. I’ve had the pleasure of performing alongside Julian on a few different occasions, and they always bring a storm of prose poemy goodness.

Joan Didion

When was the last time you read Didion? She just blows me away. I don’t really have the words to do her work justice–We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live has been demanding my attention on Trimet for the past few weeks.

CA Conrad

I had the honor and privilege of publishing a chapbook for CA several years ago (WRITING IN ALL CAPS IS THE BREATH MINT OF THE SOUL, Bone Tax Press, 2014). CA is unfailingly kind and generous, one of the most vital voices we’ve got in these grim times.

THE THREE EPs – Ross Robbins

“In the very first edition of Best American Poetry, the guest editor, John Ashbery, opted to include one of his own poems. I adore Ashbery, and I always thought that that was such a delightfully sassy thing to do. I mean, don’t we all love our own poems? I know I do. In all seriousness, my own book might not actually be in my top 5, but I’m so proud of it. Plus, Andrew Barton of Two Plum Press creates the most beautiful objects. What I’m saying is buy my book. Buy all the Two Plum Press books.

So much love to you, whenever, wherever, whomever you are.

Portland painter and poet Ross Robbins is the author of the chapbooks I Want to Say How I Feel and Be Done With It Forever (Bone Tax Press, 2013), ALL IN BLACK BLOOD MY LOVE WENT RIDING (Two Plum Press, 2014), and The Book of Definitions (Atomic Theory Micro Press, 2017). His full-length debut, THE THREE EPs, is available from Two Plum Press. His poems appear in Bombay Gin, Hobart, Reality Beach, and Forklift, Ohio, among many other lovely publications.

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