Drugstore Blue – Susana H. Case

Open Susana H. Case’s Drugstore Blue and embark on a time traveling journey filled with decisive and imaginative verse. This is a brilliant collection which repudiates the notion that poetry is a lethargic art reserved only for elderly patrons and love sick adolescents.

No Such Thing as Distance – Karen Paul Holmes

Newcomers to the delightful world of verse may become locked in an eternal struggle with the flightiness found in poetry, its teasing winks and abstract whispers of surreal messages. No such ethereal opaqueness exists in No Such Thing as Distance.

Concrete Pastures of the Beautiful Bronx – W. R. Rodriguez

W. R. Rodriquez’s Concrete Pastures of the Beautiful Bronx was written ten years ago but it could have stepped off the presses today. Its passion is streaked with cynicism and yet this collection is filled with a bleeding kind of joy.

These Pearls Are Real – Carla M. Cherry

These Pearls Are Real is a beautiful, tragic, uplifting and colorful collection of poetry, but its more fascinating feature is that it is absolutely pulsating with life. Each word has transformed into droplets of blood.

Anne-Adele Wight

Wight’s Opera House Arterial is not really a book of poetry, but rather a multi-dimensional gaunt taken at light speed through a rabbit hole of unadulterated, unrestrained creativity. She is a poetic Willy Wonka, leading her readers cheerfully through that tunnel full of colors and terror where they will be “…lost over centuries…” and trapped in “…one thousand atmospheres…”

When Laura DiNovis Berry is not reviewing poetry, she tries her own hand at this fascinating craft.

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