logbook – Hiromi Suzuki

I’ve always loved collage as a medium, and Hiromi’s collages create a series of alienating yet texturally-delicious visual poems. Her work feels dreamlike yet precise; abstract without pretension.

Working Class Voodoo – Bobby Parker

There’s an eerie twilit-Americana to Bobby’s poetry, and a brutalism that puts me in mind of the harsh David Lynch cartoon ‘Dumbland.’ It’s also worth noting that Bobby is an incredible visual artist.

laughing plastic – Sally Burnette

Gender, bodies, beauty; all are explored via Barbie and Ken dolls in Burnette’s wry pamphlet. It’s a vivid, pink, bubbling ooze of a book with some cutting lines.


Reading this book for the first time was quite a moving experience. I feel a deep kinship with John’s work; I adore his imagination, his visual flair, and his refusal to present the queer experience in pedestrian or self-pitying terms.

Angela – Chrissy Williams

A poetry comic that fuses Murder, She Wrote with Twin Peaks – what more is there to say? Vivid and surreal, it gave me confidence to follow my ideas, no matter how niche they may feel.

Matthew is a poet from Cardiff. His debut full length poetry collection, Death Magazine, is published with Salt; and his pamphlet, Black Jam, with Broken Sleep Books.

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