Martin & Meditations on the South Valley – Jimmy Santiago Baca

A classic of chicano poetry and huge inspiration. Prayer like vignette poems of life in a transitional southwest american landscape.

Naked Wanting – Margo Tamez

Startling, lush poems filled with a low hum of northern sonoran desert existence. Flesh like language, textured, rich in spirit.

Unaccompanied – Javier Zamora

Beautifully crafted poems, language that is immediate. Filled with shocking energies and restless reflection of ‘home’ and spirit.

Without Protection – Gala Mukomolova

A book so filled with lived energy, tender language and hard images that can only be felt. Read these poems aloud they will make you blush, angry that you didnt write these lines.

The Possibilities of Mud – Joe Jimenez

Beautiful landscape meditations as healing. These poems vibrate with nature, the crust of wild amid the presence of the body.

Joseph Delgado is a Power. Mark maker. Author of Ditch Water poems via Korima Press 2013 and forthcoming Broken Mesas from Korima Press.

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