Kathy Parker – The Unravelled Heart

Kathy has poured her heart and soul into every single poem and prose contained in this book, and creates a unique imagery that grabs you as the reader and draws you in, touching your heart and soul in a truly tangible and life-changing way.

Like the brightest star in a dark night’s sky, this book connects with the reader and guides them on a journey from breaking to surviving, healing to loving, and rising above pain and sorrow, delivering a message of the hope and empowerment. A real, raw and truly inspirational read that will help so many to find healing, and have a profound and positive impact on the lives of everyone who reads it.”

Clementine von Radics – Mouthful of Forevers

So many great poems found in this collection that focusses on love, loss and life.
Emotionally raw, and an impactful read.

Atticus Poetry – Love Her Wild

Atticus generally writes short / micro poems, but that doesn’t mean they have less meaning or emotional impact.

The hardcover copy of this book is beautifully presented, and there are so many great short poems are found here.

RM Drake – A Brilliant Madness

One of RM Drakes best books so far. This is a collection of both short and longer pieces, all of which are easy to read and relate to.

Have been following RM Drake on Twitter and Instagram for years, so it was great to get a collection of his pieces, short and long, in one book.

JM Storm – In My Head

A poet I have followed on Twitter and Instagram for years, and so I was very happy to get my hands on a print copy of some of his work.

This is a collection of some great pieces. Like he says, “Sometimes I wonder if there are others like me. Who feel everything and everything has feeling.” Read it and feel it!”

Paul Kohn is a writer of poetry and short stories, performer of spoken word, and creator of music and lyrics. Residing in South Australia, Paul writes as a way of processing, understanding, healing and growing, and shares his work in the hope that it helps others too.
Words at https://paulrkohn.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @mikanopy”

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