Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke represents the essential means we possess to bridge the distance between a Romanticism we hold vague memories of in a distant past & our own present. He represents a lyric blueprint to demonstrate how funneling the self through concerns of the self creates a poem that sings.

George Oppen

While a great deal of my younger life was devoted to study of Pound, Oppen has become my mature exemplar (along with H.D.) for the Modernist movement’s slightly less-problematic side. Oppen’s experience of taking a sojourn from his writing for over a decade after being forced to flee the United States due to the Red Scare resonates greatly with me & his meticulous, discrete methodology is fascinating.

The Subterraneans – Jack Kerouac

Written after On the Road but prior to that novel’s release & success, The Subterraneans provides not only a window into Kerouac’s conception of the early NYC beat scene but also provides (in my opinion) the most workable and successful iteration of his fruitful stylistic methods for those seeking such an approach.

Susan Stewart

Stewart’s eminent place within the world of comparative folklore causes her work to brim with the possibilities provided by her intricate study of mythology. Interrogating who we are and why we exist within the world that we exist within is a large concept slowly eaten away at by Stewart’s seemingly endless process of situating both herself & the reader into a lyric-folklore tradition employing our own dominant cultures as means of reflecting upon an individualistic relationship to developmental culture.

Anne Carson

Anne Carson is the greatest living poet who does not exactly enjoy being called a poet. It is easy (for me) to praise Carson endlessly, however of special note her treatment of the process of language in translation is, itself, a poetry existing as a flowerbed that never stops blooming.

Danielle Rose lives in Massachusetts with her partner & their two cats. She is the managing editor of Dovecote Magazine & used to be a boy. Her recent work can be found in Luna Luna Magazine, Empty Mirror, Homology Lit, Turnpike Magazine, Kissing Dynamite & elsewhere.

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