Hosho McCreesh – A Deep and Gorgeous Thirst

Hosho McCreesh was one of the first small press writers I discovered, I think maybe through the Guerilla Poetics Project. A Deep and Gorgeous Thirst is the book every drunk poet thinks they can write. As a sidenote, his recent debut novel, Chinese Gucci, was well worth the wait.

Emily Harrison – I Can’t Sleep ‘Cause My Bed’s on Fire

I am not a good rememberer. This book has maybe the only first lines I can quote from memory. The perfect love story, the kind where opposites attract. Problem is he works for the NHS and I’m detained under the Mental Health Act. Gold.

Fatimah Asghar – If They Come For Us

This knocked me out. Made everything else I was reading feel lifeless and unimportant.

Henry Denander – The Accidental Navigator

Painter. Poet. Denander is the sort of artist we all want to be. He also seems to have impeccable music taste. It’s like the creativity just oozes out of him. As we all know, there’s nothing more dangerous than someone who makes art look easy.

William Wantling – In The Enemy Camp

I think I first read about William Wantling in an Adrian Manning poem. Luckily Tangerine Press have done great work reprinting his work. Wrote poems so human he somehow almost feels like a mythological figure.

Jared A. Carnie lives in Sheffield. His debut novel, Waves, is available now. His debut poetry pamphlet, LYME, is available soon. His website is http://www.jaredacarnie.com. www.jaredacarnie.com.

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