Dorianne Laux

Dorianne is so accessible; Ive been a fan for a long time. I love how she tackles heavy topics like death and longing, but then also hits it out of the park when she writes about a kitchen colander.

Sharon Olds

The first Sharon Olds poem I read was The End. I will forever remember the imagery in the last line.

Matthew Dickman

I find Matthew Dickman’s poetry absolutely fascinating. Mayakovsky’s Revolver will forever be at my bedside.

Andrea Gibson

I’ve seen Andrea perform too many times to count. They are the epitome of passion, chaos, love, and brightness. I always leave a poetry performance feeling vibrant and alive.

Hala Alyan

I enjoy reading Hala’s poems because of the Palestinian-American perspective they provide, especially on addiction. I would love to see her read a poem aloud (in person) but I haven’t had the chance yet!

Crystal Ignatowski’s poetry has been published in honey and lime, FlyPaper Magazine, Roanoke Review, and more. She lives and writes in Oregon.

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