Kevin Latimer

Kevin Latimer is one of the best young poets in America right now. His poem, “& the [last last last] poem i’ll write about my (dead) mother,” in Crab Fat Magazine, is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read.

Jason Harris

Jason Harris will be the Poet Laureate of Ohio one day. He has a poem, “field son survives the wilderness in eight parts: an ekphrasis,” in Cosmonauts Avenue, that will completely rattle you.

Keegan Lester

Keegan Lester was one of the first poets to ever completely change my worldview. His writing about West Virginia and California has helped me find my voice and properly write about heritage and family.

Rax King

Rax King has a jaw-dropping essay about Guy Fieri and divorce. She deserves a Pushcart Prize for it.

J. David

Ohio’s poetry community would not be the same without J. David. Their work is heartbreaking, lovely, and breathtaking all at once, and I’m forever in love with their words.

Matt Mitchell is a writer from Northeast Ohio. You can find his work in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, BARNHOUSE, Drunk Monkeys, Homology Lit, and Lunch Ticket right now, or in a few months.