Crush – Richard Siken

Crush is, in the best way, like a sad fever dream. It fell into my lap when I was hurting particularly badly over love and the whole book ferociously aches.

Salt Is For Curing – Sonya Vatomsky

Vatomsky’s work is enchantingly dark and richly layered. Good in one sitting, but excellent savored.

Bright Dead Things – Ada Limón

Wild, intense, feminist, intimate. Almost conversational at times, Limón’s poems feel like gifts.

Night Sky With Exit Wounds – Ocean Vuong

This book has received a lot of praise for a good reason. It’s stunning and masterful.

American Sonnets For My Past And Future Assassin – Terrance Hayes

This collection was such a riveting use of language and form that I couldn’t put it down. Important to note that it was written during the first two hundred days of the Trump presidency so the overtones are obviously political.

Trista Mateer is a visual artist, poet, and writer currently based out of New Jersey. She is the author of multiple collections of poetry, including Honeybee (2018) and The Dogs I Have Kissed (2015) which won Goodreads Choice for best poetry the year of its release. You can keep up with her @tristamateer on Instagram and Twitter.

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