There is no such thing as a lighthearted relationship – not with God, Father, Lover, Child, Friend. Especially not with self. There’s no comfort in knowing that you don’t know from where the next hurt will come. It’s riding
On a bus from the Bronx,
back to where Brooklyn starts
In a borrowed dress and purse,
with no thought-out plan
as to where I should spend the night

It’s just the wondering, or wandering, or knowing where you’re heading, but not where you belong.

Alexus Erin’s St. John’s Wort (Animal Heart Press) is tragedy without comedy. It’s life without a plan, but not because it’s not wanted, but rather just not there. It’s a look at survival among the the ghosts – both the light and the dark.

Life is built on how we deal with our trauma, and Alexus Erin reminds us that it will actually be okay. That we can thrive in a world where survival might be the only option.

Purchase your copy of St. John’s Wort from Animal Heart Press.

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