Bursts Of Light – William Bronk

While the poetry of William Bronk will always be an acquired taste, it is essential to explore because, bar none, Bronk is one of the most metaphysical poets we’ll ever see.

Concrete And Wild Carrot – Margaret Avison

Margaret Avison possessed a truly optic heart, plain and simple. And her own distinctive, original words and structures, her forthright approach to our odd intransience is ever a comfort.

ARK – Ronald Johnson

One of the great metaphysical poems written in the last one hundred years… and the ultimate mix-tape of Blake, L. Frank Baum, the Bible–a feast in sound and vision.

Drunken Sailor – John Montague

As deeply American as he was Irish, in both life and poetry, John Montague left us a stellar collection of imagistic clarity, dramatic monologues, midnight elegies, profane litanies and eternal guests… all of the kind shared by so many of us.

Collected Poems – Marie Ponsot

There’s times when we need joy, sheer joy, and Marie Ponsot’s poetry is always the house to visit, but it also always promises an honest negotiation with our edgy world of loss and discovery.

G. E. Schwartz, the author of Only Others Are, World, Thinking In Tongues, and the forthcoming collections of poetry Murmurations and Old Night, lives in Upstate New York, United States.

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