Anna Akhmatova

Her passion for what’s immediate and nearby floors me. Her joy and sadness is never counterfeit. A voice that soars when speaking of loved.ones. Her politics as a Soviet citizen are most unusual.

Journey To The End Of The Night – Celine

Celine has a dark humor that really is humorous. A voice that cried in the wilderness. Cynical and sarcastic but not overdone.

Arthur Rimbaud

He’s the original bad boy. The basis for so much that followed. He employs a language that flowers all by itself.

Nelson Algren

Urban realism would not be the same without his work. Vivid images of the downtrodden and alienated.


A mind on fire. Shaped Western thought and the 20th Century for all time.

Michael Igoe, Chicago – now Boston. Numerous publications in journals online and print. Corrections counselling and work with emotionally disturbed children. Member of the Democratic national committee. Urban realism/surrealism. I like the night.

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