Bad Mommy Stay Mommy – Elisabeth Horan

It is rare to find a collection so raw and vulnerable. Post partum depression is given a stage to communicate with readers that they are not alone.

The Woman with an Owl Tattoo – Anne Walsh Donnelly

Anne has a style which is honest and endearing. You instantly fall in love with her story and her style.

Afra Kingdon

Afra has two stunning children’s story and illustration collections and she puts the environment at the forefront. It is such a talent to be accessible, engaging and stylish for a young audience.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Character and storytelling always exquisite. I will return to her stories multiple times because her characters are so vivid.

House of Water – Janet Lees

Janet has a way with imagery and storytelling which is intimate and calming. Nature is entwined into tales of trauma and of love.

Isabelle Kenyon is the managing director of Fly on the Wall Press and the author of poetry collections, This is not a Spectacle, Digging Holes To Another Continent and Potential.

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