Mary Oliver

After years of reading stacks of poetry but seldom connecting, I ran across White Pines and began writing poems again.

Selected Poems – Philippe Jaccottet

Found a used copy of his poetry at a library book sale and have read it several times, always enjoying his insights.

Collected Poems – T.S. Eliot

The exquisite phrases and rhythmic lines continue to draw me. Read “Prufock” in high school and didn’t understand a word! What a joy to totally “get it” now!”

For Lovers of God Everywhere

These poems by Christian mystics (collected by Roger Housden) have so much to say and say it well.

Wendell Berry

Got to meet him once and found him to be just as genuine and honest as his poems.

Mary Harwell Sayler began writing poems in childhood but, as an adult, wrote almost everything except poetry! Her 3 dozen or so books in all genres placed with Christian, educational, and indie publishers plus a few recently self-published. She especially loves writing poetry, prayers, and anything Bible-based.


  1. Mary Sayler says:

    Thank you for sharing my favorite poets. I hope readers enjoy my poetry books too. 🙂

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