Anna Akhmatova

Poems crafted with striking clarity, elegance and an elevated emotional maturity.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Huge, meaty, magnificent works with emotional intensity and splendid structure. Dostoevsky expresses all the subtleties of the human condition with a brutal grace that is at times heartbreaking. He, along with Balzac and Hemingway are my favorite classic fiction authors.

Patty Smith

This amazing talent authors work which gives a voice to the disenfranchised, the abused and the forgotten with an clear, honest sense of activism and grace. I adore all her work but especially her memoir “M Train”.

The Virginia State Colony For Epileptics And Feebleminded – Molly McCully Browns

This book of poems has a tone of fervent humility with intense voices of pain, rejection and isolation. She has created thought provoking beauty out of a horrid history.

Pensacola Girls – Kristin Garth and Elisabeth Horan

A gem of a chapbook of works by contemporary poets Kristin Garth and Elisabeth Horan. Garth’s sonnet based works of raw revelation compliment Horan’s elegantly brutal self examination. The result is an epiphany of two lives shadowed by shame now reclaimed.

Tara Lynn Hawk is the author of poetry chapbooks Rhetorical Wanderlust and The Dead. Her work has appeared in On This Path We Travel: Women Poets Writing About Feminism and Nature, Along The Way, Moonchild, Occulum, Rasputin, Deracine, Anti-Heroin Chic, Uut, The Cabinet of Heed, Spelk, Wanton Fuckery, Midnight Lane Gallery, The Feminine Collective, Idle Ink, Spilling Cocoa, Poethead, Poems and Poetry, Social Justice Poetry and more. “”taralynnhawk.com”””

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