e. e. cummings

His style inspired me to take risks with my own poetry, and challenged me to play more with form.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

We all have feelings about The Great Gatsby – but his writing sings. His flow and style is breathtaking to me, and I return to his books for the writing alone.

Ray Bradbury

I got to meet him before he passed, and it will forever have an impact on me. Because of him, I long for distant worlds.

Jeff Vandermeer

I am obsessed with the New Weird genre and every piece that Vandermeer produces. His work is imaginative and horrifying and entrancing.

J.K. Rowling

I’m a part of the Harry Potter generation, so having her as one of my top writers is a given. Rowling’s sheer success and expansive world building gives me hope that I can one day deeply impact readers with my words.

Megan Crayne is a writer and poet masquerading as a graduate student in Book Publishing in Portland, OR.

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