Emily as Sometimes the Forest Wants the Fire – Darren C. Demaree

Darren writes love poems in a way that lets me tap into the actual feeling of being in love. It truly feels like these poems are being experiences as you read them.

Shea Serrano

Just from reading Shea’s books, I feel like he’s my best friend. And i’ve never even met him.

Drew Magary

Drew’s The Hike was a wild ride of a novel, and it was super accessible while still being one of my favorite reads of the year.

Go Ahead In The Rain Discovering: Notes to a tribe Called Quest – Hanif Abdurraqib

A Tribe Called Quest was huge for me. This book helped me discover them.

Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes – Corey O’Brien

This book is exactly what I wish I had read when I was 16. It’s fantastic.

TJ Neer is a bookseller at The Book Loft in Columbus, OH, and a graduate of Ohio State University.

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