As the name may imply, this book is a patchwork of poetic styles and topics untangled by an author adept in varied form, syntax, and expression. No subject seems off limits, and while a number of pieces seem to be works of creative non-fiction, others build a world around the characters and mythos we share as a generation. Her work explores the sheer vastness of the Canadian landscape with a personal lens; experiences we cannot share are made beautiful and engaging.

—if your dreams
have words, tell me those too.

One Thing – Then Another, One Thing – Then Another, Claire Kelly

The metaphor of movement from one place to another; the mystery that goes along with not always knowing what the end game may be is what makes this book a means of connection for anyone who has ever been lost to expectation. There is a radical acceptance of it all too; a scoff in the face of absurdity.

You have run off, again;
I’ll abandon these sweet things ’til you return.

Trappings, One Thing – Then Another, Claire Kelly

One Thing – Then Another is available from ECW Press.

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