This is for those, who at the bottom of the well
chose to live. Thank you –
you taught me honesty in a way that teachers
and parents never considered.

from “Shatter”

It is possible to be erased. It is possible to remove letter after letter from their name or your name or “Gd”. It is possible to pick away at your story. Sometimes we live in a Choose Your Own Adventure, where every direction, good or bad, leads to the same damn ending: everyone ends.

Jared Singer’s Forgive Yourself These Tiny Acts of Self-Destruction (Button Poetry) is a manual for the last kid in the kickball line. It’s a must-read for those who can’t remember why they need to remember. It’s for those who sometimes forget they matter.

But after all we’ve been through, for some reason, we are still writing our story. Because even if the hardest chapter is yet to come, there is always a way to keep writing, because

You can’t get over someone,
but you can take a shower
and then you can get dressed
and then you can do your laundry
and then you can find your keys
and then you can go grocery shopping

If they work to remove your letters, redesign the alphabet.

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