Charlotte Wetton – I Refuse to Turn into a Hatstand

I love Charlotte’s voice; such clarity. Magnolia Crescent is my favourite.

Simon Armitage – The Unaccompanied

Duty manager with a face like Doncaster – I like the humour and craft.

Liz Berry – The Republic of Motherhood

As a mother myself, I enjoyed this take on being a mother.

Jasmine Gray – Let’s Photograph Girls Enjoying life

Fearless writing; powerful and enjoyable.

Michael Stewart – Couples

A very clever presentation of the lives we live as couples. Funny, sad and surprising.

Kayleigh is a Creative Writing PhD Researcher at The University of Huddersfield. She was the winner of the Gloucestershire Poetry Competition 2019 and her pamphlet Keepsake is available from Maytree Press.

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