Javier Zamora – Unaccompanied

No other collection better captures our current immigration tragedy – or the tenacity of immigrant children. I assign “Cassette Tape” as week 1 reading in my legal clinic.

Ada Limón – The Carrying

“Dandelion Insomnia” should be taped to activists’ walls across the country. A deeply moving account of motherhood and nature.

Liz Berry – The Republic of Motherhood

“Death and Taxes” is a lie; turns out some people don’t pay taxes. Everyone is born, though, and this book is about the otherworld that is birth and early motherhood.

Monica De la Torre – Happy End/All Welcome

If this were a legal filing, it would be an indictment of the modern automated and surveilled workplace.

Gabrielle Calvocoressi – Rocket Fantastic

The book is terrific but this is frankly an excuse to say how inordinately excited I am about the Cistern series in Calvocoressi’s next collection.

Alvaro Bedoya used to run the Senate privacy subcommittee. Now he runs a think tank and legal clinic that protects the privacy rights of immigrants, poor people, and people of color.

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