Louise Gluck – Averno Huge

parts of this book have an almost alchemical resonance that compels me to write, even if I don’t want to. There is something irresistible about the precision of the word choices and ideas. Even though it’s ostensibly about death and transition, it’s a beautiful and life-affirming book that’s catnip for introverts!

Cornelius Eady – Brutal Imagination

An almost journalistic exploration of racial fear, perception and memory. It’s impossible not to admire the skill with which real life events are handled through a variety of perspectives.

Robert Creeley – Mirrors

My favourite Creeley collection. He writes with unfiltered focus and concentration, but manages to move so naturally from the minutiae of everyday moments to universal experience in only a few lines.

Paul Celan

There is something beyond words in how Celan’s poetry resonates.

Richard Scott – Soho

This is one of those books that came to me at a particular moment in life and spoke to me in a way I needed. It has so much to say about humanity, love and vulnerability. On a literary level, it has taught me a huge amount about the importance of ideology in art and life.

Warren Czapa has had his poems published in “Closed Gates or Open Arms” (Verve, 2019), Magma, Poetry Bus and online with Burning House Press and Black Bough. In 2018, he was longlisted for the Troubadour International Poetry Prize and was commended in the Verve Poetry competition on the theme of Community.

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