The Father – Sharon Olds

The reverence held for an imperfect parent, upon demise, is a portent of what awaits us as we pay attention to the living. Sharon Olds pays attention as we ought to wish ourselves capable.

Arthur Waley – Translations from the Chinese

Cross cultural classic ! Facing banishment by an Emperor is little trouble compared to facing the blank page.

Selected Poems – Anna Akhmatova

Articulating a truth with little chance of love living long enough to escape, unlocks prisons, perceptions, and the power of persistent hope.

Hard Damage – Aria Aber

History will be forgotten in the future by design. Sowing the loose thread of conviction binds us, and our worldly wounds.

Deaf Republic – Ilya Kaminsky

The smallest voice receives the bullets, the blood spilled is spelling our name.

Will Schmit has been writing and performing poetry for over fifty years. The chance of getting it right, in front of the reader, is at risk with every pen stroke. His most recent work is Head Lines A Sixty Day Guide to Personal Psalmistry available on Amazon and at http://www.schmitbooks.com

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