Kim Addonizio

She writes poetry that makes you feel the weight of everyone you’ve ever loved, all the life you’ve lived and have yet to live.

Neil Hilborn

I think there’s a tendency for the literary world to prioritise poetry that is very complex in its form and ideas. This kind of poetry of course has its place but what you find in Neil’s words are ideas that you don’t have to work to feel the impact of, a reminder that “whatever you’re feeling there’s a mathematical certainty someone else is feeling that exact thing.”

Wallace Stevens

His poetry makes you feel the world in vivid colours whilst still paying attention to the subtleties and shades.

E E Cummings

I feel like this is a very popular choice but understandably so because he revolutionised the space of poetry and how writers can inhabit the page and the mind.

Independent bookshops

This is probably a cheat answer but I love going to local independent bookshops or cafes and reading poetry pamphlets published by small presses or individuals. This is often better than more widely known poetry in my opinion and was part of my motivation to set up Re-Side.

Beth Longman is founder and co-editor of Re-Side magazine and writer.

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