juliana spahr – thisconnectionofeveryonewithlungs

These poems are formed out of necessity. The stratification of importance is often removed from the news narrative as tragedy compounds.

Thomas Sayers Ellis – The Maverick Room

This is an origin story of the go-go scene with accompaniment of Parliamentary Funk and the visionary forms which inhabit music re-versed.

Sara Eliza Johnson – Bone Map

A night in the wilderness explained. There is no binary distinction or stratification of wild vs. tame of human vs. animal with the spaces, objects, and language in this book.

Cathy Park Hong – Dance Dance Revolution

This book is what happens when a tourist guide is the only voice of a failed revolution. The speaker attempts a recovery from violence through development of a polyglot language all ones own, all taking place in a post-colonial lost vegas.

May Swenson

She wrote some of the best poems regarding the alienation from a mormon family and a turning to language and nature, which survives beyond any judgement or apostasy. Read a poem like Gods. Children.

Jeff Pearson is an advocate for people with mental illness who has recently been published in TIMBER, Drunk Monkeys, GIANTHOLOGY, Pilgrimage, Frontier, and Heavy Feather Review. He teaches and works with Adult Literacy students in Bellingham, Wa. You can read more of his work at poesyjeffpearson.com. He tweets at @legoverleg.

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