Fyodor Dostoevsky

He is a spiteful man and I relate to that.

Jeff Mitscherling

I switched into a Philosophy degree in my undergraduate after a friend said I was “crazy like Jeff Mitscherling”. Then I got him to supervise my M.A. and a few years back published a book about his book, about how consciousness arises from a more basic intentionality in nature. Tapping into that intentionality is where novels come from.


He was the subject of my Ph.D. and the reason to reject the emaciated metaphysics that pervades the popular opinion of contemporary intellectuals.

Lindsay Lerman

Lerman writes fiction that’s personal but feminist, and she does it from the standpoint of having read all of my favorite books, and with the ubiquitous sense of imminent doom that I find familiar and therefore comforting.

Emil Cioran

Cioran is my current obsession. He rejected academic philosophy for being too abstract, and then wrote things you can actually feel.

Charlene Elsby. Ph.D. is the Philosophy Program Director and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University Fort Wayne. Her horror novel “Hexis” and novella “Alison” are forthcoming from CLASH Books, and her philosophical novel “Affect” is forthcoming with the Porcupine’s Quill. She wrote an introduction to philosophy through paradoxes, “Asses, Arrows and Undead Cats: An Introduction to Philosophy through Paradox” and co-authored a free textbook on critical thinking, “Clear and Present Thinking”, among other academic work.”

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