Christopher Mulrooney

I first published the work of Mulrooney in 2014. He was an amazing writer who still has much to say, despite his passing in 2015.

Jeffery Beam

When I first started writing in 2010, it was the work of Jeffery Beam that really ignited the possibilities of poetry for me, specifically his Jargon Society book Visions of Dame Kind. His newest book Spectral Pegasus/Dark Movements (Kin Press) is one of the most breathtaking and exciting things I’ve read in years. ”

Barton Smock

Bart was another early encounter, and through his work I’ve learned how to eat language. You should be able to taste it, the flow of words should have a definite impact on not only the head/soul, but the tongue as well.

William Burroughs

Burroughs, for me, really cemented the idea that experimentation should be key, even if it means going through dozens of pages just to farm out a single line. Growth in life, body, and writing will always come with pains, and “sometimes the path is longer than the road.

James Laughlin

Between his poetry, and what Laughlin did for the world of literature with New Directions, his influence cannot be stated enough. I have no doubt in my mind that he was the single most important figure of 20th Century literature, and I often look to his influence and example in my writing, and in my publishing.

Kristopher Biernatsky is a poet (A Sleep/less Night, FowlPox Press, 2015/// Bathwater, Vulture Editions, 2020) and filmmaker from Florida. In 2014 he founded Dink Press. He is in love.


  1. Michelle S. says:

    Kristopher Biernatsky is not a talented writer. I don’t see how his opinions count for anything. His writing is ungainly and pretentious, he has no feel or ear for langauge

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