Don’t Call Us Dead – Danez Smith

The language of this book is so deep, beautiful and moving. I have picked it up and cried just thinking of the contents.

Witch – Rebecca Tamas

Rebecca is a writer of incredible uniqueness and talent. This book is progressive to the art form of poetry.

Song My Enemy Taught Me – Joelle Taylor

There is in my opinion no more powerful voice in poetry today than Joelle. This book is unflinching, unapologetic and incredibly important.

Sunshine – Melissa Lee-Houghton

A no-nonsense honest and darn right remarkable collection. I don’t not always have the words to say just how much I love it.

A Planet Shaped Horse – Luke Kennard

This for me only slightly edges Cain Luke’s newest collection. On a different day you would get a different answer on what I think is best of these two. Planet Sharped Horse is one of the most beautifully crafted concepts I have ever read.

Jake Wild Hall is one half of Bad Betty Press and co-host of the poetry night Boomerang Club. He has two pamphlets out Solomon’s World and Blank.

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