at the water’s edge – Nadia Gerassimenko

Come to “at the water’s edge” for the beautifully crafted images and stay for the sensitive subject matters emphasized by the varying styles and forms of poetry, which move the reader to deep emotions as they reconcile past traumas along with the speakers of the poems.

The In-Betweens – Davon Loeb

As both a memoirist and a poet, myself, this genre-combining work where each snapshot offers a glimpse into Loeb’s bildungsroman has become a personal, new found source of inspiration. By highlighting popular poetic elements such as metaphor, alliteration, and personification among others, Loeb’s confusion, grief, and joy in embracing his identify reaches out and grabs the reader.

Crowd Surfing With God – Adrienne Novy

Crowd Surfing With God has something for everyone as it discusses health and healing, music and religion, among other subjects. This collection has become a favorite because the love of hobbies, love of music, and love of reading become religious and medicinal experiences which transform how people see themselves and their lives’ journeys.

Wingspan: poems – Kai Coggin

Kai Coggin’s poetry lights the way for understanding, torching the preconceived notions of human experiences and how we relate to others. In Wingspan, embracing our juxtapositions and juxtapositions in others are what make humanity whole — a powerful lesson in divisive times.

Honest Engine – Kyle Dargan

Dargan’s greatest pieces are the elegies to those he has lost. In describing their idiosyncrasies and their relationship, he makes their soul spring from the page and offers insight into how grief can transform those who are left behind.

Sara Pisak is a Contributing Editor at Helen: A Literary Magazine and a Staff Reviewer at Glass Poetry Press. Sara participates in the Poetry in Transit Program and has recently published work in the Deaf Poets Society, Five:2:One Magazine, Glass Poetry, Moonchild Magazine, Boston Accent, Mookychick, and Yes Poetry. When not writing, Sara can be found spending time with her family and friends. You can follow her writing adventures on Twitter @SaraPisak10.

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