Cannibal – Safiya Sinclair

This poet and writer raises language like child prodigies, exposing them to the harshness of certain truths that may not be easy to swallow at first glance. The meticulous way she crafts them into being, along with her endless mythological references, left me stunned from first syllable to last.

The Warlock of Love – Marc Bolan

In the similar vein of other musicians, such as Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, and Leonard Cohen, Marc Bolan’s highlight is his words. In this small sampling of his written work, he takes Tolkienesque themes, science fiction, and mythology to meld the pieces into his own.

This Same Sky: A Collection of Poems from Around the World

While this particular book is an anthology, I believe collections like these are imperative for any reader. Not only does it celebrate the penultimate definition of diversity and the special qualities of each poet within, but it grants us an ‘eclectic tease’ of literature that gives us no time to breathe, for the material’s intensity takes over our third eyes.

The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake

What is there to convey about a person before his time, a ‘prophetic rebel’ who defied all odds of writing during such a turbulent time period within the arts? Whether or not you are a Blakean reader or scholar, this definitive edition of his work will not disappoint.

Blue Laws: Selected and Uncollected Poems, 1995-2015 – Kevin Young

Young’s unique approach to poetry, as well as the layout of this collection, had me at the very first piece. From historical and heart-wrenching moments of truth to amorous tributes, this tome is a must for all dedicated lovers of the written word.

Z.M. Wise is a Poet/Author. Singer/Songwriter/Lyricist. Co-Editor at Transcendent Zero Press. Essayist. Occasional Voice Actor. Occasional Playwright. Seldom Screenwriter. Bibliophile. Animal/Music Lover. Intersectional Feminist. Illinois Native. Old Soul.

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