Eva Gallud

her poetry is stunningly visceral – it speaks to you in a low to high volume, of forbidden fruit land women, of sheep-women & bird-women & root-women and all of the maid warriors in between.

Pilar Astray Boadicea

Her poems never fail to comfort me & disturb me both at the same time – they comfort me with their honey-wrapped courage & disturb me with their call to arms which reminds me we’re still at war, but we’re forever fighting for ourselves & for our sisters.

Lyd Havens

Their poetry first spoke to me back when i once came across their ‘a girl about to dawn’ poem – i could never forget about their ‘men call me sexy the same way they tell me when my nose is bleeding’, & witnessing their growth as a writer ever since is a huge blessing to me.

Koleka Putuma

Her poems are all i’ve ever aimed to write – bloody poems, break-through poems, riot poems, hurt-&-the-aftermath poems. they’re my favourite kind of prayer & my forever hymn.

Laura López

It’s hard to talk about a close friend’s poetry – what could i say which i do not say to her already when embracing her forever brave tenderness, her speaking up joy? pain & sorrow belong in her words, but so does hope for a world which, as messy as it is & will be, is as ours as anyone else’s

Sol Camarena Medina is a mad lesbian poet from Valencia, Spain who’s also a loud laugher and lover. she was born in 1997 and she’s self-published 3 poetry books in Spanish – pétalos y espinas & ya lo escribieron ellas & estival + her poems are featured in diverse publications & anthologies both in English & in Spanish. she’s also written on mental health & feminism for Spanish magazines + she runs an online platform for contemporary women artists, @artebruja + she’s co-editor for Spanish feminist magazine La Gorgona.

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