Stag’s Leap – Sharon Olds

In Stag’s Leap, Olds reaches into the past in a poignant re-telling and unraveling of the story of her divorce. Through love, memory, sorrow, sex, her poetry is like falling backwards into a place we only half recognize, to come out the other end renewed.

Night Sky with Exit Wounds – Ocean Vuong

In Vuong’s book-museum, our pass entitles us to visit all the secret rooms. His young age doesn’t dampen the revelations of desire.

Amuse Girl – Hannah Raymond-Cox

Raymond-Cox delivers her poetry in a manner that sucks you in. It is a place for her to show you that there’s a poem in everything and that it should be declared out loud.

Bluets – Maggie Nelson

Was poetry made to describe the unrequited love for the colour blue? Was the colour blue made to be the language of poetry?

Split – Juana Adcock

The path left on her skin by his scales ached in different colours’. Poetry as an old friendship – never linear. A scrapbook of life.

Miriam Calleja is a bilingual poet and Maltese wordsmith. Her poetry collections, Pomegranate Heart (EDE Books, 2015) and Inside Skin (EDE Books, 2016), have been described as ‘fresh’, ‘intimate’, and ‘sensual’. She has been published in a number of journals and poetry anthologies worldwide, and her work has been translated into Slovene, Greek, Romanian, French, Norwegian, and Frisian. She dedicates her time to facilitating creative writing workshops, performing and writing for performances or publications, and devouring books. Read more on miriamcalleja.com.

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