Rengetsu: Life and Poetry of Lotus Moon, translated by John Stevens

Poet, potter, painter, martial artist, Buddhist nun, her abilities lasted a lifetime. Her poetry is simply complex, imagistic and covers the breadth of a whole woman’s life, her tragedies and her lighter moments.

Patrick Kavanagh: Collected Poems

The beauty of his work is the strength of his language, and his images. Kavanagh wrote about many things, and his ability to write about the hard rural life, from having lived it, are unsurpassed.

City Lights Pocket Poets Anthology, edited by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

American poetry when it was shaking itself loose. Again.

The Imagist Poem edited by William Pratt

A book I carried everywhere when I was a teenager; my first introduction to modern poetry, and the minimalism of form. H.D. and Amy Lowell made me an imagist.

After Ikkyu by JIm Harrison

A slim little book, cool language.

Elizabeth Moura lives in a converted factory and works with elders. She has had poetry, flash fiction or photographs published in online and print publications Human/Kind Journal, Rose Quartz Poetry Magazine, Hawk & Whippoorwill, The Cormorant, Radical: A Lit Zine, Chrysanthemum, Occulum, Flash, Paragraph Planet, and Flash Fiction Magazine.


  1. Luke Otley says:

    Thanks for some suggestions, I struggle to know where to go in exploring new (to me) poetry

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