The Gift, Poems – Hafiz, translations by Daniel Ladinsky

Hafiz’s words capture the face of God and allow the reader to remake them in Their own Image. A study in the power of structure and brevity to elicit the Divine.

Sylvia Plath

Plath encapsulated the horror of the mundane so deliciously in her work. While I love reading her poems, listening to her read her work is an exercise in removing obstacles to writing.

Our Lady of the Ruins – Traci Brimhall

Traci is one of my favorite living poets. This book, with its terse, prophetic imagery, bated breath quality, is another staple whenever I feel ‘blocked’. This world she writes about is the internal landscape; one bereft and despairing but urgently seeking reprieve.

Stag’s Leap – Sharon Olds

Sharon explores the darkness of the heart that shadows every moment of living. She transforms the vulnerable ache into affirmation of life.

The Tradition – Jericho Brown

Jericho’s work is a punch in the gut-the first time I read his Duplex I ached at it’s perfection. Bold, terse, pulsing with life, even in the face of death-the cadence is astounding.

Yania is a bruja/writer/artist and suicide prevention SME. Her work has been published and/or featured in The Write Launch, The Same, Military Experience and the Arts, River River, the Bacopa Literary Review, and is pending publication in the first AROHO anthology. She performed at the 2019 NYC Poetry festival with La Pluma y La Tinta. She is currently a reader for Frontier Poetry. yaniapadilla@gmail.com

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