Daphne And Her Discontents – Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Daphne And Her Discontents weaves a complicated, personal family history and ancient Greek myth into a complete, original poetry collection. The intertwining of personal stories with a piece of history shared by the world allows these poems to travel into the past, throughout the present and well into the future.

Anne-Adele Wight

Anne-Adele Wight’s work is not really a book of poetry, but rather it is a multi-dimensional gaunt taken at light speed through a rabbit hole of unadulterated, unrestrained creativity. She is a poetic Willy Wonka, leading her readers cheerfully through that tunnel full of colors and terror where they will be “…lost over centuries…” and trapped in “…one thousand atmospheres…”

Even the Weapons – Mark D. Dunn

To read Mark D. Dunn’s Even the Weapons is to feel the headiness of imbibing too much wine. His work is at once grounded in a thick snow fall and yet still, these poems are lifted off into more cerebral, cosmic planes.

The Heart is a Nursery for Hope – Elaine Reardon

The intrinsic beauty and mysticism found in nature swells out from the cover of this poetry collection. Readers will marvel as they feel themselves slip into becoming “like ladies at a garden party… slightly tipsy…” while they breathe in Elaine Reardon’s poems.

Water for the Cactus Woman – Christine Stoddard

Christine Stoddard’s poetry does not endeavor to soothe or placate the reader’s soul. The text awaits under its cover, eager for the reader to open it and therefore unleash its litany of curses upon the inequities it has suffered.

Laura DiNovis Berry is a poet and movie enthusiast. Her upcoming chapbook, Egg Shaped Ball, honors rugby and the women who play it. Egg Shaped Ball will be released March 2020.

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