Whylah Falls by George Elliott Clarke

Whylah Falls is a unique long narrative poem inspired by the history and culture of the Black Canadian community in Nova Scotia, Canada. An intimate, sensuous and powerful tale of hurtful love, corruption, and injustices using an explosive and rare mix of dramatic monologues, songs, sermons, newspaper snippets, recipes, haiku, and free verse. One of Elliot Clarke’s best!

#HashtagRelief by Blossom Thom

Powerful, concise and contemporary, #HashtagRelief grabs our thoughts and deep emotions on sensitive subject matters like our search of identity, equality, exile, and our captivity by the virtual world. I can’t help thinking about “I Went Into a Pub to Sit With People in Love” when I am taking a coffee somewhere.

Salt Bride by Ilona Martonfi

Her latest poetry collection is filled with intense beauty of domestic scenes wrapped in hurt and loss. She also gives a compassionate and delicate voice to the marginal around the world. It is a travelling experience between the self and society, between pain and beauty, and, between today and yesterday.

Signs of Subversive Innocents by Cora Siré

After reading Siré’s beautiful debut collection, you want to subvert conformism. Evoking the complexities of our world and traces of our human experience around several continents, we see ourselves wrapped in a conflict between desire and reality in verses that resonate with beauty, terror, and hope.

The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire

Spleen is one of my most beloved poems of all time. Baudelaire, a classic, is still fresh, relevant, intense and amazing!

Gloria Macher is a Canadian Peruvian-born writer living in Montreal exploring social, political, ecological and existential themes that fuel our reflection on the human condition. She has been awarded “The International Latino Book Award 2014″ by Latin Literacy Now in the United States. She is finalist of the Verbum Iberoamerican Book Award 2017, and the IV Exemplary Novel International Award 2018 in Spain. She has presented her novels in Europe and the Americas and her short stories and poetry have appeared in several anthologies and electronic publications in Canada and Latin-America.

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