How We Became Human – Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo weaves emotion and language beautifully, and this collection covers several years of her work.

The Lake Of Dead Languages – Carol Goodman

I’ve followed Goodman for several years now. She writes gorgeous prose and mixes in mystery with haunting memories.

Alice Beecher

She writes poetry about Appalachia the way I see it in my dreams.

Stephen King

I can’t leave him off a favorites list. He’s inspired me since I was 9 years old! My latest book of horror poetry has several pieces inspired by his works.

Alix E. Harrow

The first time I read her story “A Whisper In The Weld” I cried and then re-read it. She was immediately cemented as a favorite writer. Her style is almost musical.

Amanda Crum is a writer and artist whose work has appeared in publications such as Eastern Iowa Review, Barren Magazine, and Corvid Queen, as well as in several anthologies such as Beyond The Hill and Two Eyes Open. Her books of horror poetry, The Madness In Our Marrow and Tall Grass, both made the preliminary ballot for a Bram Stoker Award nomination. She is also a nominee for the Best of the Net Award and the Pushcart Prize. Amanda currently lives in Kentucky with her husband and two children.

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