Derrien Relyea

Derrien’s writing style draws readers in and makes the characters world come alive. She takes the smallest detail and turns it into a fascinating scene. As a person, Derrien is supportive and has inspired many chapters in my life.

Elisabeth Horan

Elisabeth is a fabulous person in general and her poetry speaks on a real level. She pours her heart into her work and bares all to produce touching poetry that all can relate to. Horan is an amazing person to follow. She brings a personal feel to all that she does that makes reading her work much more intense.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen has been my favorite since I was a little girl. The truth of her stories touch a chord that rings true still today. While her works are in the romance genre, the reality behind her stories is relevant no matter what era you live in.

The Twilight Saga

No matter whether you like these books or not, I find that they are an inspiration to all writers who envision scenarios that might be outside the norm. Bringing to life fictional worlds in a way that readers want to behold them is after all the goal of most writers.

Edgar Allan Poe

Poe has inspired many with his works. I have found refuge in the pages he has written from the time I was little and find that his verse is inspiring in a way that most works today are not.

Mary Jaimes-Serrano lives in Kansas with her family and writes poetry, fantasy/romance novels, and ghostwrites for many different genres. She is an indie author of the La Flor Manor trilogy currently working on book II.

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