The Derelict Daughter by Brittney Scott

This collection is full of vivid imagery and powerful sentiments. I felt everything with the speaker of the poems, without having gone through the same experiences.

Fast Animal by Tim Seibles

Seibles has such a great command of line breaks. His long poems and villanelles are powerful pieces.

Rachel McKibbens

McKibbens writes passionately about everything they believe in and holds nothing back. Their poetry takes my breath away.

Rashidah Ismaili

Rashidah’s knowledge and care for the craft of poetry is inspiring. She has taught me much about being precise with my words.

Naked by Nastashia Minto

Nastashia mixes rhythm and meter into her prose poetry. Her ability to be open and vulnerable with her work is amazing.

Julianna May is a poet from Eastern, Pennsylvania. She received her Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Wilkes Univeristy and has been published in Nightingale and Sparrow, and Crepe & Penn.

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