Charles Bukowski

He is frank, to the point, and sometimes crude. I appreciate that.

Anais Nin

She’s got a little bit of everything! Her words have a special weight to them for me.

Thomas Hardy

He captures a unique expression of the human condition in many of his books. He was very impressionable on me as a young reader.

Victor Hugo

I feel as though I could say something like “I mean, he’s the greatest french poet, AT LEAST of his time”, yet I feel like he is no longer as widely known and the name only alive by the Les Miserables resurgence that seemed to appear in the past 10 years.

Frank O’Hara

Like Bukowski, O’Hara will just come out and say it. He’s got the nerve.

Poetry Editor at Variant Literature. English & Business student at UNCG. Lover of black coffee and the Godfather movies. Previous publications have appeared or are forthcoming in Torrid Literature Journal, Coraddi, and Poetry Diversified 2019: An Anthology of Human Experience.

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