#TPQ5: Bára Hladík

Porochista Khakpour – Parsnips in Love

I never knew a parsnip could remind me that love is a verb of passion, a love that finds you in the dirt, over taken with a parsnip. Khakpour made me feel something in this story that continues to teach me, how to find what we are missing in what we encounter everyday.

Billy-Ray Belcourt – This Wound is a World

I fell inside this book and was spit out sweating, brimming with tears. It is a poetic masterpiece that everyone on Turtle Island must read. What else can I say, read it.

Shazia Hafiz Ramji – Port of Being

Ramji’s poetry leads you around a foggy floating port of contemporary diasporic longing while also inviting you into presence, your history, your being, that is right here, alive and listening to strangers. A collection that both haunts and comforts me.

Lisa Marie Basile – Light Magic for Dark Times

Basile’s collection of spells, rituals and practices for coping in crisis is a magic textbook for transformation. These accessible, creative, and inspiring practices give you the power to take darkness and turn it into magic and strength, even if you don’t have much time or energy. A very special and transformative book I keep close to my bed.

Gwen Benaway – Holy Wild

Benaway invites you into her world, splits you open, then compassionately pieces you back together. These poems tear apart constructs and colonization to build a world of truth and love. This book will inform generations to come.

Bára Hladík is a poet based in Tio’tiá:ke, Montréal, born to Czechoslovak political migrants in Ktunaxa Territory. She is the managing editor of Theta Wave and facilitates poetry workshops exploring the embodied subconscious.

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