Laurie Halse Anderson

Anderson’s books cut the through the bullshit. They are honest representations of the difficult issues faced by young adults: especially young women.

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I saw a real connection to her experience and gender performance. I was obsessed with Katniss’ struggle to perform for an audience while trying to work through her trauma.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I didn’t realize until recently, but I have always loved this book because of the way Alice questions authority and order of her world.

The Harry Potter Series

Gotta love the “hero’s journey,” right? Rowling combined so many themes for young adults to ponder.

Roxane Gay

I connected very deeply with Bad Feminist. Confronting your own perspective is HARD.

Ellen C. Scherer is a writer, producer, and actor based in Buffalo, New York. She is the Co-Founder of Green Buffalo Productions and is most often found writing about gender, trauma, and young adult literature for a variety of mediums. Ellen is a poet and budding author. Her first book, RVCI: Gun Violence, is set to be published by Rosen Publishing this year.
Instagram: ellencatherine91 | green_bflo
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