David Sedaris

Sedaris writes about the humor found in everyday life. His humor is most often at the expense of his family dynamics and their unique relationship as they vacation together and suffer through their family’s dysfunctional dichotomy.

Charles Bukowski

Bukowski’s gruff demeanor exemplifies his impatience for the tedium of work in relation to the societal expectations of the ordinary layperson. His writing, fueled by his alcohol-induced, womanizing exploits reflects his unique attitude.

Anne Lamott

Lamott’s essays offer an objective perception of the spiritual essence of life. Her humor and objectivity in the direst of situations leave the reader to find the light at the end of the bleakest tunnel.

Mary Oliver

Oliver captures the splendor of nature in her poetry. Her passion for the beauty of nature and its surroundings leaves the reader to appreciate the great outdoors.

Maya Angelou

Angelou’s beautiful voice flows like an electric stream of emotion-filled current. She is a songstress whose lyrical poetry speaks to the cage-free soul.

Valerie Vaughn is a poet, writer, and author. Her first chapbook of poetry, Spectacle Illusion was published by Cawing Crow Press (2016). She is an Editor Pick Recipient at narratorINTERNATIONAL (2015). A native Virginian, she received her B.A. in History from Mary Baldwin College. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her wife, Sara, and their many dogs.

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