Beast of Joy – Selected poems by Mariangela Gualtieri, Chelsea Edition Books

Gualtieri is Italy’s most innovative voice of poetry – and one of my favourite as well. She wonderfully describes the beauty and the gravity of everyday life with her intense and light touch. Her poems are words to meditate on. She’s also a great performer.

My Native Land A4, poems by Ana Blandiana, Bloodaxe Books

Ana Blandiana is Romania’s most daring and outspoken voice of poetry – and again one of my favourite. The sheet is her land of water, trees, abandoned buildings, fallen angels and gods that have forgotten us all. Such a great innovative and inspiring poet!

Salomé: woman of valor, by Adeena Karasick, published by Cleup Padova University Press

Adeena Karasick, an award winning NYC based poet and performer, re-visions Salomé through a Feminist Jewish perspective. She is a liberationist who rejoices in her sexuality, in transgressive passion, in exoticism and desire.

The scattered papers of Penelope – New and selected poems by Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke, Greywolf Press

Greek poet Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke is one of the most talented world poets (unfortunately she died last January). Gender issues, nature, life and death, sex and human relations are some of her themes. Her brilliant witty mind described life with great irony and love.

Come, thief – poems by Jane Hirshfield, Alfred Knopf 2015

Style and philoshophy, lightness and wisdom, Jane Hirshfield gives her innovative poetical view on life through alllusive and allegorical lines. A must read!


She is the co-founder and director (along with poet Giorgia Monti) of the well acclaimed Poetry and Sister Arts International Festival (Forlì – Cesena, Italy).

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