Fabrizio De André

Italian singer-songwriter and maître à penser. He is a musical and poetic reference point. He has totally influenced my life and my way to live in the world.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

Italian poet, philosopher, writer, director, essayist and anthropologist. His artistic activity and his fine reasoning – still present today – have contributed to the construction of my thought: spirit-ethical.

Gavino Ledda

Italian writer, poet, glottologist and academic with a deep knowledge of Italian and Sardinian languages; he is the author of the novels “Padre Padrone” and “Lingua di falce”. The latter in particular – with its certainly experimental writing – influenced my poetic vision: lyrical and prosaic.

Leonard Cohen

His intimate and deep verses have the ability to transport the thought-image to a different elsewhere through a delicate and sharp writing. Definitely important for my mystical-poetic vision.

Carmelo Bene

Italian actor (or rather an actorial machine as he used to describe himself), director, playwright, writer, philosopher and poet. A figure of high and deep culture. Innovator, beyond genius. He has upset my philosophical-artistic awareness.

Jean Òre (Gianfranco Orecchioni) is an Italian songwriter and poet, born in Tempio Pausania (Sardinia, Italy). He graduated in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan and in Science and Technology for the Environment and the Territory. In April 2016 he founded the Zaum Cultural Group (www.gruppo-zaum.com) with some friends. Moreover, he has received the Critics’ Prize for the unpublished poetry sylloge “”Nature, Love and Hate”” at the “”International City of Sassari Award 2015″” in Italy. Currently, he writes for the cultural online magazine Interesse Nazionale (National Interest) founded by the philosopher of Turin Diego Fusaro (www.interessenazionale.net).

Youtube: jeanòre
Twitter: @jean_ore_poet”

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