Guidebook to Relative Strangers by Camille Dungy

Dungy offers transparency and vulnerability as she explores and shares the way she experiences the world in her body creating space for a reader to consider how different life is for us depending on the skin we are in or roles we hold. She incorporates history often through footnotes so full of depth that they often feel like essays themselves.

Buried Alive by Myra Friedman

I am so grateful for the unbridled emotion Janis Joplin poured out during her too-short life. This biography is from a person who at once invokes a sense of credibility and a respect and passion for her subject, Janis Joplin.

One With Others by CD Wright

Wright stepped completely out of the way of the historical event, March Against Fear, and allowed the voices of the people to lay down the truths in a hybrid poetic form. There was never an “I” statement.

Whereas by Layli Long Soldier

There are too many attributes to do justice in so few sentences. The way she uses space on a page, creates a language of her own or maybe it’s a confident maneuver of language into recognizing new strengths, and explodes or explores form in new ways.

Hold Still by Sally Mann

This book is a practice in patience. An artist, woman, mother, daughter, patiently responding to trauma, history, life, culture.

Angela Gregory Dribben loves living and writing down in a bottom in Southside Virginia with her two favorite redheads, a gem of a husband and our rescue dog Wendell, hiding from rogue tornadoes in an old cabin, and growing juicy beefsteak tomatoes.

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