In this work full of masterful lyricism, you will find a history once hidden, a story passed from one generation to the next, and traditions held in the hearts of Indigenous peoples.

To be frank, I dont feel a simple review can give you an understanding of what’s contained in this book. Inside is the melody of ages, where knowledge is both sacred and dangerous, but where pages offer the safety to let its rhythm flow into the world once more. This is an exposure to the beauty of an identity colonialism made you believe is ugly. Indigeniety is not only culture, it is a way of being and knowing. And this book offers the reader an invitation to that knowing.

Inherited, within my blood, this rush
And rhythm, through its rude, inherent give
And take, seduces diehards to a hush,
And orients the lost, who once more live

Again, I can’t do this book justice with my words. You need to experience it yourself. And then you need to remember that experience and let it heal you. This book is a celebration, a lament, and an utter victory for Jennifer Reeser.

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