I used to fold paper into boats, and the story that followed had to do with sinking. – from Hot with the Bad Things

How do we witness a memory? How do we remember the things that haunt us most? How do we do it in a way that will reframe the rest of our lives – exhaust the flames. How do we lose language in a place where “everything is apocalyptic if you pant hard enough.”

Hot with the Bad Things, by Lucia LoTempio (Alice James Books) offers you a way to let your body forget. You spend a lot of life trying to stare yourself down in the mirror. You tell yourself who you are – the good, the bad. You have opinions but wonder if they are yours. LoTempio challenges you to look for a life somewhere between love, abuse, and self.

Sometimes you need to set a house on fire to wake up the world – or at least those around you. If there’s a necessary read with which to do just that, it is Hot with the Bad Things.

Purchase your copy of Hot with the Bad Things from Alice James Books.

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